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Unter dem Himmel Deutschlands
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The Pursuit of Happiness

I just watched a movie called 'The Persuit of Happiness'( based on a true story) played by Will Smith.It's a great movie.I haven't watched a good movie for a lot of months,I'm happy that i 'wasted' my time on this one.

I don't wanna repeat the whole story again,since there's already been put on the imdb.com. (Plot :A struggling salesman takes custody of his son as he's poised to begin a life-changing professional endeavor) I just wanna write sth about the movie ,write down my thoughts.Sorry that I have to write it in english,because I just watched it in english and my thoughts r still in that movie and those wise words and unforgetbal scenes.

This movie reminds me of 'The Shawshank's Redemption',which is one of my favorite movies.They both talk about faith,never giving up and giving in.The difference is that one pursues freedom and the other pursues happiness.

Chris ( the main character) were through a lot.He really fight for the 'life' and for his son!He had a job--a salesman,but he couldn't sell even one maschine out.His wife left him and the kid.He was broke and didn't have any money. He had to stay with his son at some asylum for those who are homeless,sometimes even at a WC in metro. We have a chinese saying: good man never cries so easily.I can imagine how hard it was and how he felt,every time when he cried.When his son said,' I can't do it' .He always said' don't even think about it.No one can say that u can't do it,even i can't ' I admire his strong faith and will.

The sociaty is unfair.Communism will never be realized.The only one you can count on is yourself.Everyone must have a though period of time,maybe some problems with money,with emotion,with friends ,with family or with study.The Question is if u can face your difficulties or not.If u can conquer them.

Just a little faith,strength and many efforts u can move the mountains in front of you.
7.8.08 01:44



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